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Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

191North provides timely, knowledgeable, and professional preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA).   Many of our clients request our service in order to formulate an opinion of the presence, or suspected presence, of hazardous materials or petroleum products contamination on the Site.

ESAs are conducted in general accordance with the American Society for Testing and
Materials (ASTM) E1527-13, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I
Environmental Site Assessment Process and include these elements:

Site Visit
– Inspection of the Site by an Environmental Professional
– Catalog the Presence of Hazardous Materials or Petroleum Products

Historical Research
– Historical Aerial Photographs
– Reverse Street Directories
– Building Permits
– Planning Records
– Topographical Maps
– Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
– Department of Oil and Gas Maps
– Title Information

Geology and Hydrogeology
– Soil Type
– Geological Setting
– Groundwater Depth

Regulatory Research
– Fire Departments
– State Environmental Agencies
– Federal Environmental Agencies

Interviews and Document Review
– Interview Tenants and Owners, State and local regulators
– Review Provided Reports


191North also expertly and professionally performs Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to determine the presence or absence of contamination at a property. The Phase I ESA identifies the potential areas of concern and potential chemicals of concern, which are used as the basis of the Phase II subsurface investigation. The Phase II ESA utilizes site exploration, sampling in areas of concern, and laboratory analysis for chemicals of concern.


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Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) December 7, 2016

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